Chris Packham

Dr Jane Goodall
Dr Jane Goodall


Bruce Longstaff


Gerry Duggan, Treasurer

Jacque Bainbridge

Keith Butt

Pam Field

Grenham Ireland (Chair of Trustees)

Anne Jolliffe

Steve Limburn

Colin Lord


Jill Abbot, Chair of Assembly

Mark Davies, Minutes Secretary

Dr Mary Thornton, Programme Chair

James Fradgley, Membership Secretary

Brian Tiller, Librarian

Mary Tiller, Assistant Treasurer

Steven Moult, Resident Caretaker

Vacant Positions: Communications & Fundraising Officer, Volunteer Co-ordinator, Proceedings Editor.

If you are interested in filling vacant officer positions, please contact us at

Section Chairs

The activities of the Society are managed by an elected Council and run by a number of Sections. Chairpersons of the Sections currently in office are:

Bryan Popple, Archaeology and History

James Fradgley, Astronomy

Charlie Light, Botany

Mark Spencer, Entomology

Joyce Navarro, Egyptology

Vacant, Geography

Ray Chapman, Geology

Mary Thornton, Marine Biology

Steve Limburn, Microscopy

Vacant, Ornithology

Keith Clements, Oology

Eleni Dimitriou, Photography

Grenham Ireland, Science

Jonathan McGowan, Zoology

Vacant Chairs: General, Geography, Ornithology