Bournemouth Emerging Arts Festival Weekend at the BNSS

As part of the BEAF festival weekend BNSS hosted a Museum of Ecoacoustic Phenomena on the 4th and 5th of May. There was also a lecture Science and Practice of Ecoacoustics by Professor Adrian Newton on the afternoon of the 4th.

Two people had made push button boxes illustrating the sounds that seabirds make, which are different to songbirds, a bees nest, two fabulous cicadas from SE Asia and their evocative loud rainforest noises. and other sounds from Dorset woodlands, heaths and wetlands. A composer had recorded two blackbirds establishing their territory and signalling their rivalling by their singing, which included incorporating the other birds song and then enhancing it some more. As a human, one could interact with this song and send it awry, which is perhaps what happens on a larger scale by humans introducing sounds of machines, cars and aeroplanes. There was a sound workshop where folk learnt how to use microphones and hydrophones outdoors to record . There was an indoor composition of seascape or woodlands which altered depending on how humans moved in front of the sensitive speakers. again illustrating how humans interact with the ecosystems around us.

Museum of Ecoacoustics phenomena

Games introduced to illustrate ecological over flow , and collapse.

We had insect mutants in the garden, large displays of ants, aphids and a blue dragonfly encouraging children to look for the mutants and record them organised by the Urban Furniture Collective.

Invasion by the Urban Furniture Collective making their mark on the BNSS lawn for BEAF weekend!

[Photo credits Ian Julian & Mary Thornton].